Site Reliability Engineer

Atlanta, Georgia, United States Full-time

Relex produces a high-performance solution for supply chain management with a custom in-memory database. Our core business runs on applications with terabytes of heap memory. Our customers are the leading retailers around the world. We run a thousand instances of our software both on our own servers in multiple datacenters on multiple continents, as well as on multiple public clouds.

Why we need you

RELEX is moving with a fast pace from the world of servers and customer-specific instances to services. Some of these services span the whole datacenter, and some the whole business. A few examples of services we are deploying with certain technologies: 

  • Linkerd: proxies enabling a datacenter level service mesh
  • ZooKeeper: datacenter level highly consistent key-value storage
  • Helix: cluster coordination services
  • OpenIO: a datacenter object storage system
  • Globally consistent configuration database with change history

We need people who can take ownership of these systems as services. They are mission critical. You will be able to take part in deciding how they will be developed, deployed and monitored. You would communicate with the infra team as well as our tool and core development teams. We aim to use the best possible tools for managing the services, including Terraform, Nix and Nomad. 

We are not heavily invested in Docker or Kubernetes, though they are used for some supporting non mission critical systems. For our core applications, we are strongly performance oriented and run them on bare metal.

We want to create proper change management and software defined services. No clicking around in cloud provider control panels or making changes to production systems with shell commands.

  • A strong knowledge of Linux is mandatory.
  • Understanding networking is very important.
  • If you know Haskell, Dhall, Nix or Nomad, that’s a bonus.
  • We expect you to learn on the job.

One more thing: if you have ever maintained a system, be it at high school, student organization or university, that’s something that we are definitely interested in hearing about. 

What we bring to the table

  • RELEX is a flexible company. You can choose your own tools. 
  • We are a rapidly growing company (over 50% YoY average) so there are constantly lots of new opportunities and technologies. Since we develop our own database and business logic as well as run our own servers, we have a lot of vertical technical competence in house.
  • We provide extensive healthcare, mobile benefit and broadband for your home. We have lots of sports activities, visiting office dogs, a brewing club, bicycle, music, retrocomputing and DIY enthusiasts etc.
  • We organize and attend meetups and go to conferences (
  • Remote work is normal for us. Most of the team works currently close to the Helsinki office and has at least a few office days per week. Full remote when you are not in Helsinki or Atlanta has to be negotiated but is possible.
  • In all cases, the six week introductory period will be in Helsinki and visiting Helsinki at least a few times per year is strongly preferable (and there’s the yearly RELEX festival anyway!) Work should happen in either European or US East time zones.

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