Data Engineer

Helsinki, Finland Full-time Allows remote

Problem domain

RELEX offering consists of multiple platforms, which communicate with each other via various messaging solutions. As the systems grow and integration needs expand, we need to ensure that all platforms communicate with each other seamlessly and efficiently. The volume of data is high, but the latencies need to be low and the data pipeline to be highly reliable.

This position can involve anything from designing and implementing Kafka based data pipelines, architecting a Spark based data science platform, designing data lake or building APIs using REST or gRPC.

What you will be working on depends on your preferences and experience. You don't need to be an expert on everything, but some history the tools we are using is a big bonus.

The actual technological choices are yet to be made for many improvements on our roadmap. Therefore, you have the ability to make an impact by helping us to select the best tools for the job.

Who are we?

RELEX is a software company developing products that help retail companies plan and operate more efficiently. As a simplified example, we ensure that your local grocery store has just enough milk on the shelves at the right time - but not too much to avoid it going bad. Thus, besides reducing costs, our work has a significant environmental impact.

What we consider a merit

You’re an experienced software engineer in building robust backends, APIs and cloud-native systems. You can reason with and design large scale systems and you know the best approaches to build machine-to-machine interfaces. In your career, you have been working with distributed systems, cloud tools or APIs, and you enjoy improving them. When making a major design choice you are able to justify your preferences. 

As a coder, you are diligent in your job. You cherish beautiful readable code and you fight against kludgy hacks. Testing is important for you; you ship no code unless there are tests for your changes. 

Our tech stack

We use both modern and battle-tested tools. As we do have several autonomous teams, our selection of technologies is varied. Depending on your interests and role, you might be working with TypeScript & Express APIs, JRuby & Rails backend, Kafka based messaging platform, Azure blob storage, serverless functions or Kubernetes. We trust the JVM ecosystem: our main backend language is Java, but we run services written in Kotlin, JRuby, Scala, and Clojure. We have also built backends with .Net, Haskell, Go, TypeScript and Elixir amongst others within the company.

Open source is very dear to us: we have tools such as Kafka, Nomad, Kubernetes, and Prometheus as core parts of our infrastructure. We love giving back too: besides sharing the bug fixes, our employees have a few open source projects done on company time.

Who you’ll be working with

Our guiding idea is to build autonomous teams around tech topics, which the teams own. We aim to have diverse teams: people with different opinions, expertise, and experience. Since we develop our own database and business logic as well as run our own servers, we have a lot of vertical technical competence in house. 

You can choose the team in which you would work depending on your interests. For instance, if you are interested in building seamless integrations between our platforms, you would probably be working in an integration team with me (Matias). If your interests align more with API development and DevOps, you'd probably join one of our backend teams.

Why work at RELEX

Relex produces a high-performance solution for supply chain management with a custom in-memory database. Our core business runs on applications with terabytes of heap memory. Our customers are the leading retailers around the world. We run a thousand instances of our software both on our own servers in multiple data centers on multiple continents, as well as on multiple public clouds.

As a company we try to be as flexible as possible: you are able to pick your own tools (Linux, Mac, you name it) and remote work and super flexible hours are normal for us. Keeping the hierarchy low is our core value, which we strive to maintain even as we grow. We let the people facing the decisions make them. 

Even though RELEX is a well-established company already, we recently got a major investment from TCV, which enables us to do even more cool things with a solid financial background.

Our offer to you

What we offer to you is a position in a fast-growing company, creating new things with modern technologies in small autonomous teams and an ability to define your own role according to your preferences. Obviously, we also pay you money once a month, have good health coverage, but that’s the boring basic stuff everyone does. 

When hiring, we prefer people who are willing to relocate to the Engineering sites in Helsinki or Stoke. We might consider people working remotely in one of our country offices.

If you find yourself interested in this position or you want to hear more, please contact Relex Talent Acquisition Team by email at recruitment[at] #SNR

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